Paths to Recovery

Effective recovery takes place when you commit to self-examination, to regularly attend meetings with like-minded people and to agree to keep each other accountable.


(Unbeatable Mind)

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This path focuses on the importance of meditation, exercise, being present and self-awareness. Through grounding, positivity, visualization, and goal setting you will identify your Passion, Purpose and Principles, while also learning the importance of ongoing social support through your “Boat Crew” and “Swim Buddy”.

Tools include:
  • 5 Mountain Training Plan
    (Physical Performance, Mental Toughness, Emotional Resilience, Intuitional Resistance, Kokoro Centered)
  • Morning and Evening Ritual
  • 5 Plateaus of Development
    (Survivor, Protector, Achiever, Equalizer, Integrator)
  • 6 Pillar Journal
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Faith Based

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This path will guide you through a deeper understanding of your Creator, His Purpose and Plans to heal you from your hurts, habits and hangups. This path focuses on your Life Journey and learning how your purpose integrates with others on their Life’s Journey. 

Tools include:
  • 12 Step Workbooks
  • Weekly Step Groups
    (in person or virtual)
  • Regular Open Share Meetings
  • Spiritual Sponsor
  • Peer Accountability
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12 Steps

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Originally presented through Alcoholics Anonymous, the 12 Step program has been expanded and applied to other challenges. Through both individual accountability and group encouragement, this program serves as an essential tool to help you identify triggers which can potentially sabotage your personal recovery.

Tools include:
  • The Big Book
  • Daily Group Meetings
  • Sponsor
  • Peer Recognition
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