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You don’t have to watch your loved one self-destruct. We can help.

It used to be exclusively held that an individual had to reach rock bottom before they became willing to receive help. Oftentimes, family and friends would sit idly by and observe in a detached manner as their loved one descended into the darkness of addiction.

It does not have to be this way.

Start an Intervention with IRF

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Intervention is designed to intercede before the addict goes any lower or even dies. At Integrated Recovery Foundation, we can provide assistance in organizing and leading an intervention for your friend or family member, halting the destructive progression on their path to addiction.

The Intervention movement grew in recognition with Betty Ford, when her husband, President Ford, and her children confronted her in a direct yet loving manner regarding the effect her drinking was having on the family. In her case, this orchestrated event helped to raise her bottom. She subsequently entered the Naval Alcohol Rehabilitation Center and eventually founded the Betty Ford Rehabilitation Center.

It does not always turn out that way. Nevertheless, friends and family alike continue to intervene with the hope of raising their loved one’s bottom. There are approximately 200,000 deaths per year related to drugs and alcohol, and that does not even take into consideration the millions who are actively suffering as a result of the addiction.

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A New Beginning

Don’t let your loved one be part of this statistic. Let Integrated Recovery Foundation assist in organizing and leading an Intervention today.

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