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Unbeatable Mind’s (UM) focus is on one’s attention to experiencing the “present moment which one develops through the practice of meditation. Integrated Recovery Foundation embraces the Unbeatable Mind brand of Mindfulness, founded by Mark Divine, a retired Navy SEAL commander.

The tools and practices of UM will help you overcome whatever it is you are dealing with.

Some of the tools and beliefs of Unbeatable Mind are:

  • Boat Crew, Swim Buddy, Coach

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    Whatever our endeavor, whether we are trying to become a Navy SEAL, get sober or just improve who we are, the battle is first fought with a commitment to “Win in Your Mind” supported by a team (Boat Crew-BC) of like-minded people, having a Swim Buddy from the BC and led by a Coach.

  • 3 P’s and One Thing

    The process of helping the individual identify their Passion, Purpose and Principles in a balanced and integrated manner that helps them discover their One Thing Mission.

  • Big 4

    1. Breathing – Most people don’t realize they breathe in a manner that promotes anxiety and/or compromised decision making. They take shallow thoracic breaths whereby air only reaches their upper chest. This limits the benefit of rich and deep oxygenation spreading through their entire body but especially their brain. This type of breathing promotes fight, flight or freeze behavior. For those who learned how to breathe for natural childbirth or through a Chronic Pain Program, they have probably learned that taking slow, deep diaphragmatic breaths whereby the belly is filled with air which will promote relaxation and facilitate more efficient and effective delivery of oxygen to the brain, promoting better decision making. This decision-making factor is what elevates man in the animal kingdom.
    2. Positivity – Grateful people are happy people, and those who aren’t, aren’t. Having a positive attitude, whether it comes naturally, or through discipline, a positive attitude enhances one’s wellbeing, plain and simple. It is foundational in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

    3. Visualization – We must first win in our mind. Taking the time to focus or meditate on those things we seek to achieve or improve is essential to success. It enhances our intentionality.
    4. Micro Goal Setting – “The journey of a thousand steps started with the first step.” It is important to organize our big goals in small manageable units (SMU’s) which we can tackle a day at a time, a moment at a time, a breath at a time, an evolution at a time. This is a part of strategic planning. Wars are typically won with many small battle victories.
  • The 5 Mountains of Growth

    • Physical (performance) – With focus on goals as they relate to exercise (CrossFit etc.), hydration, movement (yoga), sleep and nutrition.
    • Mental (toughness) – With focus on the “Big 4”: breath control, positivity, visualization, and micro goal setting
    • Emotional (resilience) – With focus on self-esteem, other focused, optimism, and self-control or self-mastery
    • Intuitive (insight) – With focus on meditation, sacred silence, and nature
    • Kokoro (centered) – With focus on combing heart and mind into a humanitarian action
  • The 5 Plateaus of Development

    • Survivor
    • Protector

    • Achiever
    • Equalizer

    • Integrator
  • Morning and Evening Rituals

    The importance of establishing a routine which includes but is not limited to box breathing, positivity (mantra etc.), visualization and micro goal setting.

  • 6 Pillar Journal

    • Diet (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) & nutrition (daily medication, supplements, hydration etc.)
    • Fitness (CrossFit/SEAL Fit etc.) & Movement (Kokoro Yoga)
    • Sleep Hygiene
    • Stress Management
    • Nature
    • Social Engagement & Communities of Practice.
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