Extended Care

“What we practice at, we get better at.”

Extended care is essentially the process of continuing to use the tools that have been taught in the recovery process with the understanding that it is a lifelong lifestyle. IRF has and maintains ongoing “Growth Groups” for each Path. The individual is welcomed in any or all of those groups for as long as they like.

We also provide and partner with long-term extended care programs which add needed support and structure when necessary.

“If we don’t use it, we lose it.”

In some measure, all of the work done during the treatment phase of recovery is geared toward “Extended Care”. Each individual presents with varied needs as they enter this phase of “recovery”. Some may need a sober living facility, some may need a long-term relatively isolated restrictive environment, while some may not need any restrictions but merely ongoing support as they use the tools they have been taught. 

We accept individuals who have been in other treatment programs but want to use IRF for ongoing support and care. We evaluate each person individually and recommend what is best for that individual.

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