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We understand the unique trauma Military, First Responders, and their Families experience. We offer help for trauma and addiction.

Your past does not determine your future; we can help.

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  • Addiction

    People often engage in self-destructive habits in order to cover their pain. Those addictive behaviors can be drugs, alcohol, food, pornography, or the internet. We can help. We treat addiction.

  • Co-occurring Disorders

    Perhaps the biggest challenge in the field of addiction is formulating an accurate diagnosis.

    Differentiating between the symptoms of an addiction versus similar symptoms that are a function of a separate co-occurring disorder is what we specialize in.

  • Trauma

    No one escapes life without trauma, some are more painful than others. We assist individuals and families working through the pain and grief of any trauma they are going through whether it’s a death, an accident, or relational separation.

  • Sexual Trauma

    Generally, no event derails healthy development more than sexual trauma.

    25% of all women who serve in the military have been sexually assaulted. More men than women have been sexually assaulted while serving. Sexual assault and trauma is a problem of epidemic proportion in and out of the military.

  • Post Traumatic Stress

    Unless we deal with trauma in real time, there is a tendency to suppress, repress, and dissociate from the experience. We help the individual reintegrate painful memories and events that result in post traumatic growth.

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Know the Signs

Mental health challenges don’t appear overnight; they creep in but when left undetected typically add up to major issues. If you or someone you love is experiencing any of the following, it is time to intervene and get the help needed.

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Have you noticed:

  • Obsessive Thoughts

    All-consuming focus on certain hurts, habits, and hangups

  • Destructive Behaviors

    Behaviors that undermines your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being

  • Mood Shifts

    Consistent, extended or dramatic changes in mood

  • Lies and Manipulation

    Intentional deceit to cover up troubling truths

  • Denial

    Refusing to accept circumstances or consequences

  • Family History

    Existing evidence of addiction or mental health challenges

Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

At IRF, our mission is to end the cycle of suffering experienced by Veterans, First Responders, and Families. We understand your pain because we’ve been there, and we’re fighting to end the troubling reality facing so many of our heroes.

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  • 20+ Veterans commit suicide everyday
  • More First Responders die by suicide than In the line of duty
  • 25% of all women who serve in the military are sexually assaulted
  • More men who serve in the military are sexually assaulted than women

IRF quite literally saved my life. As an Army veteran, transitioning out was difficult. I suffered from MST and PTSD. There were no programs, especially Christ-centered programs, that helped veterans like me. So I took a leap of faith to come to IRF. It was the most transformative experience in my life – and all of the amazing, encouraging staff ensured I put in the hard work on myself so that I could truly recover and heal. I found hope, a renewed sense of faith, connections to my church family, and purpose in life again. To anyone doubting whether they should join IRF, I would say do it. And expect to do the hard work on yourself to heal with the help of incredible people. 

“Has Potential” was a phrase that used to follow me throughout my years. In the past, I would self-sabotage, make excuses, abuse alcohol, and never reach my “Potential”.  I was blustering through life with a haphazard approach. After completing the Integrated Recovery program, I’ve redefined myself. I focused my intention and changed my daily actions toward my new destination of a sober mind and a life of significance. Wanting to change does not get you there. Accountability, mental fortitude, and daily action are the key factors to regain one’s life and fulfill one’s potential.

I first became sober through my commitment to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.  As I approached the milestone of my one-year mark of recovery in that fellowship I sought to enhance my personal growth through the Unbeatable Mind program.  At first, I was concerned that the principles of Unbeatable Mind might in some way be at odds with those of A.A. but I quickly realized the compatibility of each program and that the ideals of each served to compliment rather than contradict the other.  Through the care and tutelage of Integrated Recovery I came to learn that the core concepts of A.A. enjoy a synergistic relationship with the ideologies and practices of Unbeatable Mind.  Also prevalent in the higher-power dynamic of AA and the witnessing process of Unbeatable Mind is a spiritual dynamic that Integrated Recovery assisted me in nurturing. This provided me direction and an understanding of my primary purpose in life.

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IRF offers a variety of in-person and virtual treatments that work with your schedule, budget and needs. Open yourself to Hope, Connection, and Purpose today.

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