Women are Dying Everyday and It's urgent we get the Women's Integrated Recovery Treatment Center fully operational to save more lives.

This is a picture of the Integrated Recovery Treatment Center property that is in escrow, but we need your help to close and start operations. We are doing what we can to treat women now, but IT'S NOT ENOUGH! We need your help.... they need your help!


Retired US Air Force Master Sergeant Eldonna Fernandez Lewis discusses Military Sexual Trauma and how serious of an issue this is. She interviews Integrated Recovery Foundation founder Dr. Ron Gellis about how he got involved. Dr. Gellis also discusses how you can help.

The Problem

1 in 4 women will experience some type of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) during their service Most victims will be assaulted more than once 80% do not report their assault because of fear of retaliation 1 in 7 victims were assaulted by someone in their chain of command There are an estimated half a million women victims of Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

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The Solution

The Women’s Integrated Recovery Program for MST/PTSD uses a tested treatment modality designed to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each woman veteran. Our "integrated" treatment plan works by using multiple dimensions of treatment that simultaneously work together to provide healing and restoration to the individual.

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1,000 BY 1,000

We need your help to become one of our 1,000 organizaitons raising at least $1,000 to cover the costs for treatment these MST victims.

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CrossFit Gyms

Fundraising events that are workouts done at CrossFit/Functional Fitness Gyms. CrossFit is a key part of the Integrated Recovery protocal for healing.

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1K BY 1K (B1)

Any Organization can sign up and start raising money, and every little bit counts.


CrossFit Gyms

CrossFit Gyms, run an Operation 22 MST Workout Event at your gym to raise awareness and money. We'll help you do it.



We can always use help for those that are passionate about the cause, find out here how you can help.

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The process is very simple. Just fill out your information here, and someone from our organization will contact you to get everything setup so you can get started with helping us in our endeavor to save lives.

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