mental healing

Reconciliation Trauma Therapy

How and what we think is not only essential in life, it is critical in healing from trauma. In implementing Reconciliation Trauma Therapy (RTT), the end goal is FORGIVENESS. Needless to say, forgiveness is a process. RTT starts with a focus on GRATITUDE. It is important to be well rooted in gratitude to make it clear that no matter what has happened, life can still have purpose for living and even joy. In the darkest of our days, it is important to see light. RESENTMENT, rage and anger in response to trauma is expected. We can not, nor should not, be expected to “suck it up, box it up and move on”. We can not go over, under, around the grieving of trauma: we must “go through it” in order to heal. We must not drink over it, use drugs over it, eat over it, rage over it, self mutilate over it, kill or commit suicide over it, etc. and healing is, ultimately, only done through the releasing of its grip on us by FORGIVENESS. Our trauma(s) have the potential to take us places in growth that we never imagined otherwise. In the end, we may think of our trauma as a blessing, if not for ourselves, but for others. Therein is the mustard seed of the Integrated Recovery Foundation.

physical healing

It has long been established that exercise of any kind has a benefit on one’s overall well being. Hence, the ancient belief “sound mind-sound body”. As such, we offer strength and conditioning opportunities that focus on functional movement scaled to each individual. We also provide yoga as a means of enhancing balance, stretching and breathing.

emotional healing

As we focus on our behavior and mental attitude, our mood will be impacted and most likely improved and stabilized. As part of our assessment we will identify those individuals who have a need for medication as a result of a mood disorder and will refer to our team of partnering therapist.

spiritual healing

Understanding the relationships with our-self, others and our  truth or source of strength is what makes us human.  Fears, anger, joy, hurt and trust are all universal experiences that can be so stressful we no longer feel them. We loose a part of ourselves.  Healing the spirit is realizing that we are more than our thoughts, behaviors and emotions.  Modalities include the study of seeds (words) and how they grow in our lives, the study of our individual truths or source of strength and the study of a higher power.

we also offer:
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