Fight Through 22 Fundraiser

Every day 22 veterans end their PTSD struggle with suicide. We’re here to fight through that statistic and ensure Veterans and First Responders receive the mental health support they deserve.

Join our Fight Through 22 challenge this February and be part of our mission to end PTSD-related suicide.


22 Days


22 Miles



How to Join

Step 1


Donate a one-time fee of $22, $44, or $222 to Integrated Recovery Foundation. All proceeds go towards funding mental health care services for Veterans and First Responders.

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Step 2

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Download the free Map My Run app. Friend request IRF-supporter Joseph Chura to join the challenge.

Step 3


Run or walk 22 miles between February 1-22. We’ll keep track of everyone’s progress on our leaderboard below: you can also level up to 44 miles for a $44 donation!


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About IRF

IRF is a Purpose Driven nonprofit devoted to supporting Veterans, First Responders, and their Families work through trauma, addiction, and co-occurring disorders. We treat the whole person, offering multiple treatment paths via both in-person and virtual appointments to fit with individual needs.

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