CrossFit (the methodology, and the community) holds a special place with the Integrated Recovery Foundation. It is not only a key cornerstone in the treatment program, but IRF founder and CEO Ron Gellis is a 3 time CrossFit Games Athlete.

Listen as Greg Amundson (The Original Firebreather and Integrated Recovery Foundation advocate) shares his thoughts on the topic and what we need to do about it...

CrossFit Heals

Many of Dr Ron's patients have responded very well through CrossFit training not only because of the physical benefits, but getting involved in a CrossFit community after treatment is a key support function for their long-term healing and feeling of belonging.

About Dr. Gellis

Dr. Ron Gellis has been active most of his life — he played college soccer, has run 20 marathons and was an avid underwater photographer. Still, when he went to watch his son’s CrossFit workout about nine years ago, he thought his kid was crazy. But he loved the challenge and the community, joined a box and has since competed in the CrossFit Games three times.

Integrated Recovery Foundation Founder

Dr. Ron Gellis

3-time CrossFit Games athlete Dr. Ron Gellis has been an inspiration to many showing you can maintain a high level of fitness and health no matter what age.

Get Involved

We find that CrossFit athletes share the same perseverance, drive, and ability to overcome adversity as our women veteran MST survivors. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please contact us

Your Help Is Needed

Learn more about the problem and how you can help us implement a solution.

The Problem

1 in 4 women will experience some type of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) during their service Most victims will be assaulted more than once 80% do not report their assault because of fear of retaliation 1 in 7 victims were assaulted by someone in their chain of command There are an estimated half a million women victims of Military Sexual Trauma (MST)


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