Eliminate women veteran suicides through an integrated recovery program for Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

There are about two million women veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for PTSD estimates that “about one in four women (veterans) experienced Military Sexual Trauma.” MST is any sexual activity against the service member’s will. Untreated, MST can lead to PTSD, mood and eating disorders, and substance addiction. Possible consequences are divorce, homelessness, broken families, at-risk children and suicide. Although the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers treatment programs for MST, many women veterans will not go to the VA. Some see it as a male dominated institution that cannot meet their needs, while others won’t even consider themselves veterans. The Integrated Recovery Foundation (IRF) is a Christian 501(c)3 charitable enterprise that will offer an alternative treatment opportunity with a comprehensive approach not available anywhere else.


  • Innovative MST/PTSD program begun by Dr. Ron Gellis, PhD, a U.S. Navy veteran who is a clinical, forensic and sports psychologist, 3-time CrossFit Masters Games athlete, experienced in establishing and directing treatment programs.
  • Initial assessment will include psycho-social evaluation and mental health screening for PTSD, traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, eating disorders, nutrition and spirituality.
  • Integrated recovery program will use a tested treatment modality addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs for each woman veteran.
  • Continuum of care will be an initial 30 days of primary care, followed by transition to lower levels of residential care for an additional 30 to 60 days.
  • Residential treatment facilities located on a 25-acre campus in North San Diego County, CA, will have an initial capacity of 24 women veterans.


Treatment Program

Provide 90-day residential integrated recovery treatment for MST/PTSD.

National Provider

Become the national provider of choice for women veterans affected by MST/PTSD.

Inform and Advocate

Inform MST/PTSD policy decisions with research data. Advocate for MST/PTSD prevention.


The Board of Directors of the Integrated Recovery Foundation is a group of diverse, passionate, and exceptionally qualified group of people who jointly oversee the overall direction of the Integrated Recovery Foundation.

Ron Gellis

IRF Founder / CEO

Clinical, Forensic & Sports Psychologist

Dr. Dale Prouty

IRF Vice President


Nicole Heffel, ESQ

IRF Secretary

Attorney at Law

Ken Hirshey

IRF Development

CEO of Cyntergy, AEC

Rear Admiral Mary O'Donnell

IRF Corporate Relations

United States Coast Guard Retired

Mary Ellen Salzano

IRF Veteran Relations

CA Veteran Collaborative Coordinator

Lyrice Marsh

Director Pastoral Care

Art Brown, CPA

IRF Treasurer

Alternative Investment Group



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PsychArmor Institute is a nonprofit that provides FREE EDUCATION and support for all Americans to engage effectively with the military community.
PsychArmor is the only national institute of its kind, dedicated to bridging the military-civilian divide through FREE ONLINE EDUCATION. Additionally, PsychArmor provides a Support Center staffed with mental health experts that are ready to support you.

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